About Us


Capsule Manufacturing

Our high-speed encapsulation machinery, coupled with our quality standards, ensures that all your capsule orders are standardised, of superior quality and uniform, be it in terms of quality and quantity. We are constantly updating our types of equipment to provide our customers with the highest quality, and potency of formula on time.
We customise your capsule orders according to your specifications and preference. Some of the capsule products we manufacture are:


Powder Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art machinery ensures standardised mixing, consistency, and flavour in every batch, all the while making it cost-effective for you, our consumers. Our premium formulations ensure that your brand stands out in the market. We customise powders to your specifications and preferences.

Getting the formulations right is both an art and science. Not only does it have to be perfectly soluble and correctly packaged; yet looks appetising and tastes amazing. We offer packaging in a variety of styles, like pails, bags, jars, and pouches. Some of the many powdered products we manufacture are


Sachet Manufacturing

If you’re interested in single-use, sample packs, sachet packaging or pre-measured dose packages, then you’ve come to the right place. A Ready-To-Go Sachet provide your consumer with pre-measured doses so they can easily tear open the package and consume it hassle free! Perfect moisture resistance & high quality is what you get at Superior Formulations.



Formulations can make or break a brand. After all, it is the end product that guarantees consistently happy customers. Here, at Superior Formulations, we are constantly working towards creating better, unique and innovative formulas that not only meet your product goals and standards. They also ensure that you remain at the top of your game when it comes to our highly competitive industry.

Our unwavering passion and commitment to your brand’s success is a cornerstone of our manufacturing process. Big or small, our orders always reflect our expertise, innovation, quality and service. For us, your products are not just an order, they are our well-churned formula for your success.



We know that even the best products fail to bring success if the brand doesn’t stand out in the crowd. Beyond the world of formulation, is the cutthroat field of marketing, and branding is a critical component of it.

Not sure where to look and who to consult? Look no further, we know just the right steps to ensure your brand stands out on the market shelf!



Product consumption is largely a sensory experience. It is this sensory feeling that, more often than not, dictates whether your customer returns to buy your product. Product flavouring, particularly unique ones, stands out in the crowd. It even establishes brand recognition among the consumers, who often seek the flavour which boosts their supplement intake.

We offer comprehensive in-house product development and flavouring services to help design the best tasting yet potent products on the market. Our unique flavour profiles ensure that the end consumer enjoys taking the supplements, not just its health benefits.



Small or large scale, we are your person. With our state-of-the-art, high-speed machinery and utmost dedication to client satisfaction, we offer not just the products themselves but their packaging as well. Our adhesive labels are available in all sizes and are in accordance to fully meet your marketing needs.



Our research, expertise and experience in all areas of product development works seamlessly in tandem to create, package, brand and deliver your products, all the while incorporating the ever-evolving market trends and your specifications.



The quality of our manufactured products speaks for itself. Made of the highest quality, we manufacture premium products using the latest technology. Our raw ingredients are tested by our in-house laboratories between every step throughout manufacturing. Our tablets and capsules are pharmaceutical graded and consistent. We operate a comprehensive management system and are HACCP certified.


Product Testing

Product testing is a crucial step toward maintaining the quality of a brand. The complex process not only requires meticulous attention to detail but also requires technical expertise. From raw ingredients, formulation, blending and packaging, testing between each step is a thorough but necessary step. Our highly trained technicians ensure the premium quality of your products, ensuring you stay the best in business.


Research & Developement

Our in-house, well-seasoned R&D staff develop formulas that are not only trailblazing advancements in the field of sports nutrition and biochemistry, but also taste well. Simply put, your products are the best of both worlds- effective and tasty. We are continuously researching, and producing products and processes that ease production in the fast-paced, highly-competitive industry of deity nutrition and health supplements. Tasty but potent products are the secret to brand superiority.